Day 4: Shore

I cannot see the shore tonight
I’ll just wait foryou in the morning light
I guess that ill just wait out hte night
and close my eyes

Im reaching out for hope to find
a little bit of piece of mind
I worry about tth mess that I
made of you

oh oh

I wake to see the sun at rise
darkenss always ends with light
i wake tomorning new, with skies
I see you

oh oh

floating on a see i’ve sailed before
sailing to a place Ive never been before
wait a thousand days, or a thousand more
(just to see)waiting just to find
trees of green and sands of white
but I cannot see the shore tonight

somewhere between the moon and i
a drop of rain, a tear my eye
for all I ever want to find
my way to you
back to you

oh oh

Day 3: Autumn

Day 3


Jason Hinze

Cold wind blows, on my face
all my pain is erased, in Autumn

October leaves, make their way down
brick streets, small town, in Autumn

I was raised above this town
on the outside, looking down
on these same hills, this same town, we laid her down, we laid her down, in Autumn


Day 2: Noises

Dec 5th, 2015

I think about the things I have picked up along the way
I think about the shiny things I’ve found
I have filled up all my pockets but the space is running out
they make too much noise when walking, so it’s time to put them down

I look at all the consequences that have yet to come
things I put into my heart, inside my heart become
it’s no wonder all my wandering so easily went all wrong, I forgot my song

I’ll explain to you in melodies in verses
I’ll explain to you if you will let me sing

let all that has been lost and has gone wrong
let all that has been lost and has gone wrong

become my song, become my song, become my song, become my song